Cloud CO. Farms is a family owned and operated industrial hemp cultivation and processing company founded in 2015 by the Johnson Family and close family friend Denis Barden, all originally of Warwick, NY.

The Marijuana Show - Season 2 Winner
The Marijuana Show - Season 2 Winner

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you, your loved ones, and your pets all live the highest quality of life you can through the use of our farm to table CBD products. Your wellness is our top priority! Cloud CO. Farms products include CBD oil tinctures and 99%+ pure CBD isolate. Coming soon are gel capsules, topicals, edibles, and additional pet products, all formulated using our highest quality CBD derived from our organically cultivated hemp plants and can be purchased here.

Our Vision

We strive to create the best CBD products in the industry and we do so with incredible attention to detail throughout each step of the process. We organically cultivate the best CBD genetics in the world right here in Colorado and following harvest we extract the CBD from our plants and manufacture the products that you will come to love.

Our Hemp CBD Farm

Cloud CO Farms Hemp CBD Seedling

Cloud CO Farms Hemp CBD seedling from 1 of the 600,000 feminized cherry seeds we planted over a 100 acres this year! We’re estimating 350,000-400,000 of the 600,000 planted came up and some are smaller than these some bigger but the phenotypes have been consistent and we haven’t found any males yet which is great!

Cloud CO Farms Purple Hemp CBD Flower

Pictured here is one of our organically cultivated industrial hemp plants ready for harvest. Every aspect of our plant cultivation is geared around what is best for you and your health which happens to coincide with the plants needs as well! No bottled synthetic nutrients are used, no harsh pesticides, and the best genetics mother nature has to offer result in the highest quality organic hemp plants the industry has to offer!

Hemp CBD Processing

Cloud CO Farms Receiving Flasks

We currently utilize short path fractional distillation for our secondary refinement of our CBD oil. This process involves heating up our crude CBD oil to the various boiling points of the different plant constituents that are present so that we can separate them through distillation. This creates a full spectrum CBD distillate which is a beautiful golden oil similar in appearance and viscosity to your favorite honey. All of our full spectrum products are created with this A-grade oil as the base ingredient.

Macro view of the Cloud CO Farms Distillation Unit

Here is our 12L Short Path Fractional Distillation Kit that can produce about 6000 grams of full spectrum CBD distillate per day! That’s the equivalent of 4,500,000mg of CBD!

Photo from “The Marijuana Show” Season 2, featuring Cloud Co Farms

Our CEO & President Luke Johnson takes Co-Owner and Co-Founder of The Marijuana Show, Karen Paull through a tour of the extraction facility. Pictured is one of our rotary evaporators used to recover the alcohol we use to perform our initial extraction of the hemp plants!

Photos from The Farm