Refer-A-Friend Program - Get 50% on your next order for both of you!


and get 50% Off Your Next Order!

  • The Cloud Co Farms Refer-a-Friend program allows existing customers to receive 50% off their next purchase.
  • In addition, the friend who you refer will also receive a 50% off discount coupon to be used on their first order.

How Do I get My Refer-A-Friend link and Referral Coupon Codes?

  • First, click the MY ACCOUNT link at the top right of your browser screen. *
  • Next, click the REFER A FRIEND link on the left sidebar.

There you will then see Your Referral URL and a separate referral Coupon Code to copy and share.

Or, you may also choose the use any of the social media sharing buttons or the share via email functionality.

*Only existing customers may generate Refer-A-Friend links and coupon codes. You must be logged in to view your referral information in MY ACCOUNT.

What does the email look like that my friends will receive?

Refer-A-Friend Email Example

How Can I Track the Status and Earnings of the Referral Coupons I’ve Sent?

  • Each time a friend enters your referral coupon code or used the referral link you sent them, you will see it logged under Track your Invites.
  • You can also see Unused Refer-A-Friend coupons you sent as well as how many of your own referral coupons you’ve earned.

Helpful Information

  • Friends that use the Referral URL will not have to enter a coupon code at checkout. The discount will automatically be applied to the shopping cart total at checkout.
  • Friends that use the referral Coupon Code, should be sent to and instructed to use the refer-a-friend code at checkout.
Screen Shot of Our Referral Program in My Account

Questions about our Refer-A-Friend Program?