Since 2015 I have suffered from a disabling condition called Diabetic Sensorimotor Polyneuropathy with Thoracic Radiculopathy. My symptoms include constant, often severe nerve pain from my neck to my toes; loss of feeling in my feet, lower legs and hands; muscle weakness in my extremities, loss of balance and nausea. My medications included three types of opiates, two types of antidepressants and a mood stabilizer. Despite this I had minimal pain relief and a rapidly deteriorating quality of life. My relationships suffered and my depression escalated to the point that I even contemplated suicide.

In January 2017 I began treatment with CBD obtained from Cloud CO Farms. I began to notice improvement in my pain within two weeks, during which I titrated the dose to get the best relief. Over the course of four months I weaned off all of the opiates one at a time and within seven months I was off all of the antidepressants. Today my pain relief medications consist of CBD and Gabapentin, a medication used for neuropathic pain.

Treatment with CBD has had positive effects on health and many aspects of my life. While I still have continual pain, the severe pain is less frequent and overall the pain is less intense. Better pain management has enabled increased activity, resulting in improved muscle strength and balance. Without the opiates and antidepressants I have a more stable mood, higher energy and increased motivation.

While CBD has not cured my condition, the relief it provides has greatly improved the quality of life for both myself and my family. Based upon my experiences, I encourage those suffering from chronic pain and the negative effects of opiates to try CBD.

Dwight Herrick