3PO Feminized Seed


Our proprietary feminized 3PO seed is now for sale! This cross is a high CBD resin producer that has explosive vigor throughout veg with strong vertical growth, healthy node spacing, and high calyx to leaf ratio. She flowers fast, finishing by end of September outdoors and absolutely stacks colas of the largest buds you’ve ever seen! These ladies finish with almost all nug and little fan leaf, well before the frost comes in. A healthy 25 to 1 ratio with some CBG, CBDV, and CBC content. Feminization rate of 99.9%. Suggested spacing of 3 feet by 3 feet outdoors for seedling or clone transplants and 18 inch spacing within the row for direct seeding. Seed tested for germination, purity, and noxious weeds by the industry leading Colorado State University Fort Collins Seed Lab.


3PO Seed Label Information

  • Kind: Industrial Hemp (CBD)
  • Variety: 3PO
  • Lot No.: 3PO-103551-12142021-001
  • Origin: Colorado
  • % of Germination: 99%
  • % by Weight of Pure Seed: 99.98%
  • % by Weight of Inert Matter: 0.02%
  • % of Hard or Dormant Seed if Present: N/A 0%
  • % by Weight of All Weed Seeds: N/A 0%
  • Name and Rate of Occurrence Per Pound of Each Kind of Restricted Noxious Weed Seed: N/A
  • Calendar Month and Year the Test Was Completed: March 2022
  • Name and Address of Labeler: Cloud CO. Farms, LLC – P.O. Box 681 Alamosa, CO 81101

Testing Reports

Seed testing: COA Report 3/14/22

Bio Mass Testing: COA Report 1-28-22


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