Cloud Co Farms CBD Extracts and Hemp Farm Update – Breeding Feminized Seeds with Clones

Happy Friday from Southern Colorado!

We hope everyone’s New Year is off to a great start : )
This year we want to take you along on our Journey here at the farm and show you all the steps and processes that go into making those tinctures and lotions you all enjoy.

Our CBD Lotions will be back in stock by the end of next week. We have had  a delay in getting them back in stock due to Covid 19 Supply chain issues, but we are past those now and we will have them available soon and with a special offer for them as well. We are also including a Free 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture with every order now through the month of February for you to share with anyone you would like or for yourself : )

As most of you know, we are a vertically integrated hemp farm, processor and manufacturer of CBD Products. That means we do it all here on site at the farm in the beautiful San Luis Valley. And while our plants predominantly grow outdoors from spring through fall, we’re working year round here to ensure an optimal and efficient operation with everything done in house to bring you the highest quality products at the markets best prices.

You were able to see our part of our farming process last year and this year we want to show you everything we do. From our preseason breeding projects, cloning, starting seedlings, transplanting, cultivating our fields, harvest and even some bits and pieces of extraction and manufacturing, you will learn exactly what goes into making all of this happen. You will also learn how the things we do set our products and our brand apart from the rest in the market.

Along with learning about our operations here at the farm were also going to showcase the amazing benefits and fun facts about the beautiful Hemp Plant and its many uses throughout history and the revival of those uses.

We hope you enjoy the journey through the year with us and we hope you all have an amazing 2021 : )

Without further ado, welcome to
Cloud Co Farms Hemp Season 2021!

You might think that as farmers our working season doesn’t start until spring when the weather turns favorable to growing conditions. And while we may wish this to be true when the temps hit lows of -15 degrees at sunrise on a balmy January morning, we’re hard at work preparing for the growing season that’s still a few months ahead of us. Once our Harvest season ends in November and the years crop has been packaged us and stored away in our warehouse, we get right back to work preparing for the next planting season. At this point most farms will shut down the majority of their operations until spring and planting season rolls around, but we like to do things a little differently here at Cloud Co Farms.

While most farmers source their Feminized CBD seeds from vendors and suppliers, we produce all of our own CBD seeds throughout the winter here with our select proprietary CBD genetics that we have spent the last 5 years patiently developing. It is a long and tedious process but doing so allows us to grow plants well suited to our local climate and with a nice full spectrum of cannabinoids that are highly beneficial when used in manufacturing our products for you.

Cloud Co Farms Clones growing in Greenhouse as part of the feminized seed project

Above you see one of our greenhouses lined up with pots housing clones of our plants. These are the genetics we have selected over the years for breeding high CBD strains and these little ladies will grow several feet over the next couple of months and develop a nice full canopy of resinous sticky flowers that will be ready to catch pollen and produce seeds for our upcoming planting season in May when the weather gets warmer. Right now as it’s winter, the temperatures are low and the light periods are short. To mimic a summer like growing condition that is necessary for the plants to grow properly we have two heaters and plenty of supplemental lighting running in each greenhouse to keep them nice a comfortable and thinking it is summer. Like humans, these plants have DNA that is specifically coded to tell them how and when to grow and its up to us to know that code and be able to manipulate the environment to make sure they grow through the winter as if it were summer. Next week well dig deeper into this genetic coding of the plants and show you what we do to manipulate the environment for optimal growth. Until then, wish our little ladies well and we will keep the lights on and propane tanks full!

Have a safe and healthy weekend and upcoming week and were wishing you all the best for this year!

All the Best,

The Cloud Co Farms Family