Happy Friday from the farm 🚜🌿

We hope you’ve had a fantastic week!

Since we have quite a few new people joining us for our Friday From the Farm newsletter we wanted to take some time to make sure you all know who we are and what we stand for!

Cloud CO. Farms was founded in 2015 with the aim of providing natural and non-toxic treatment alternatives for wellness in comparison to the synthetic and toxic pharmaceutical drugs that are dealt by big pharma. Our commitment to quality and affordability is unmatched and our execution is relentless to deliver the best products at the best prices to people in need. Your wellness is our top priority and your quality of life and health is something we work tirelessly to improve.

Everybody at Cloud CO. Farms uses our products on a regular basis as do our friends, family, and pets so you can trust that our products are
pure, potent, and effective.

Pure, Potent, and Effective is our mission at Cloud CO. Farms. Over the next three weeks we will expand upon each of the three components of our mission; starting today with Pure


Purity is such an important subject when choosing your CBD provider. Oftentimes our food, medicine, cosmetics, and water that we put into and on our body are contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents or harmful microbials. This can create health issues that lead to prescription drugs that are also toxic and contain impurities which lead to more drugs for the side effects and so on. This cycle of bodily abuse is something that proliferates itself on a daily basis in our lives today and it is a problem that we take personally. Rarely does a company take the steps to ensure purity is achieved because it is costly and too often profits are the main priority.

That process requires stringent quality assurance and quality control protocols which, for us, are employed throughout the entire product creation process. As a truly vertically integrated company we can deploy and monitor vigorous QA/QC programs from seed to shelf.

  • The process begins with breeding our proprietary seed genetics that produce high quality full spectrum CBD resin that is the basis of our products and plants that are healthy and vigorous enough to be able to defend themselves against predatory insects and molds or mildews without the use of any pesticides, even organic ones.
  • After the seed is produced we prepare for planting by selecting certified organic fields that pass both soil and water quality tests.
  • The next challenge in cultivating organically outdoors is weed control. Most producers of food and hemp alike spray chemicals, like round-up for example, to control weeds. Why? Because it is more cost efficient and profits are their priority. Producers and regulators will say that the level of residual chemicals is low enough that it is safe to consume. There is no level of consumption of these toxics that is safe. Low dose consumption of toxics at one single moment in time may not cause immediate issues but a lifetime of low dosing of these chemicals and toxins eventually leads to the health problems that we see all too often.

At Cloud CO. Farms we do things the right way, even if it is more expensive, which means physical removal of the weeds.

  • Cultivating hemp outside on a large commercial scale presents huge challenges come harvest time because the plants are full of water and need to dry down before they can be stored to prevent accumulation of mold and mildew. Our fields are located in a climate region that is dry desert which has little to no precipitation at harvest time allowing us to safely cut and organize our fields into wind rows outdoors for drying to the appropriate moisture levels.
  • Finally, we complete the harvest process and store our hemp in warehouses with less than 40% humidity and temperature control so that the material that we put so much effort into creating retains it’s quality for the extraction process which creates our potent full spectrum CBD distillate; the basis for all our full spectrum products.

We prioritize health over profits and never take shortcuts when it comes to providing a product that we know without a single shred of doubt is pure.