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Happy Friday from the Farm!

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This week we harvested our second seed crop from the four greenhouses.

The plants were fully matured with dark amber pistils, dense sticky resinous buds and seeds bursting out at the seams.

We’re anticipating another great harvest and will have a lot more seed than we are able to plant.

If anyone is running their own farm and in need of high quality feminized hemp seeds please reach out!

The sweet aroma of the plants fills our warehouse now where they will hang dry for the next week.

Once they are dried, we will hand shuck the flower from the stems and separate the seed out from the flowers.

We get a second benefit from the seed crops since we can extract all the CBD from some nice rich greenhouse flowers.

Speaking of extracts, it’s been a while since we shared some beautiful images of our CBD distillate in its pure, raw form.

This refined CBD Distillate forms the base of all of our Full Spectrum products.

A beautiful golden oil with a thick honey like consistency, this is the oil that won us 1st Place at the Denver Indo Expo for best hemp derived CBD distillate.

That’s all this week from the farm. We hope you have all had a fantastic week and have a great weekend.

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