Field Preparation Begins!

Happy Friday from the Farm!

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Today we are starting to spread our organic amendments in the field in preparation for planting. This will load the soil up with the additional food for the crop throughout the year.

Once the amendments are spread, we will go back through and till them into the soil so it is blended in well throughout the root zones for the plants.

This past week we have also been cleaning out the greenhouses after the seed crop harvest and are transplanting a couple dozen clones into one of the greenhouses.

Part of maintaining our genetics is that we constantly have to be growing the plants and taking new clones, rooting them and growing them until they are ready for cloning again.

We have been repeating this cycle since we started the farm because it allows us to keep a consistent genetic profile in our crops and consistent and effective products from batch to batch.

The seed crop is almost done drying so next week we will start shucking the flower material from the stalks in preparation to separate out the seeds.

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That’s all this week from the farm. We hope you have all had a fantastic week and have a great weekend.

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