Hemp flowering begins!

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Happy Friday from the farm : )

We hope you all had a fantastic week!

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We are moving into flowering quickly now as the days get shorter and nights get longer.

The purple and pink pistils on the flowers are a beautiful and welcomed sight indicating CBD production is underway : )

The resin is starting to push through as the flowers bloom and the sweet smell of cannabis drifts through the air surrounding the field.

The rows are densely packed and will ensure some thick wind rows when harvest does start with an abundance of CBD.

We are continuing to walk the field hunting out male plants and will be starting work on the combine and our harvest equipment so we are ready to roll come the end of September.

The time is flying by.

Before we know it, harvest will be here and gone and we will be back in the greenhouses breeding our feminized seeds for next years crop.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

PS: Check out our Instagram page here to see some nice panoramic views of the field.

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All the best,

Your Cloud CO. Farms Family : )

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