Planting of the hemp field begins!

Happy Friday from the Farm!

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We hope you all had a fantastic week!

Earlier this week we got the first half of the field fully planted.

Next Tuesday the second half of the field is being planted and we will be complete with that first phase of farming.

We are staggering the planting so we can clean out the weeds before planting in each half of the field a week apart which should allow for better weeding of the field during the season.

Overall in our test section we had an average of 5000+ seeds successfully sprout per acre exceeding our expectations and setting the tone for a good season.

In the coming weeks we will get to watch the rest of the seeds sprout and the test seedlings start to spread their wings as the roots start to dig deeper into the soil.

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Wishing you all a healthy and happy weekend!

All the best,

Your Cloud CO. Farms Family : )

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