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Happy Friday from the farm : )

We hope you all had a fantastic week!

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Cultivation of the field was wrapped up this week and the rows are filling in great and looking nice and clean!

In celebration of completing our cultivation we are offering a 30% discount sitewide this weekend! Use the code Complete for 30% off your orders this weekend : )

For the rest of the season we will be doing periodic weeding by hand and hunting the field for male plants.

As we have mentioned in years past, we need to remove any male plants that do pop up in or around the field from past years crops.

The male plants produce the pollen and we need to ensure that our female plants (the vast majority at 99+%) do not get pollinated so they keep producing their CBD rich resin for our extracts and products.

You can check out a video walkthrough of the field in the image linked above on Youtube and see how much the plants are taking growing!

They should reach the 5′ tall mark before the months end : )

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Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

All the best,

Your Cloud CO. Farms Family

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