Hemp Field Germination starts

Happy Friday from the Farm!

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We hope you all had a fantastic week and are getting together with friends and family to celebrate the long 4th of July weekend with some BBQ and fireworks!

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The plants are continuing their journey through the early part of the season.

Our germination rates range from 50-75% across the two sections we planted setting us up for some dense fields with a lot of potential for increased production by years end.

They have put on a great second set of leaves and the roots are starting to dig down into the soil as they prepare to shoot upwards to the sky.

We continue to get a regular rain in a very rare wet first part of the summer.

Any rain up in the high alpine desert is always welcomed, we just need to balance that with our watering to make sure the plants don’t get too much water.

It’s a fine balance of enough to keep them healthy and not too much so we make their roots dig down and out in search of more while growing.

In a few more weeks once the plants get a bit larger, we will get into the field with the cultivator and start weeding.

For now, the weeds aren’t an issue yet. We just need to make sure they don’t start competing with the plants for sunlight and hinder their growth as the season moves forward.

That’s it from the farm this week.

We hope you all get to spend some quality time with friends and family and that the weather near you allows for great BBQ and fireworks!

Stay safe and have a fantastic 4th of July weekend!

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