Hemp Plants are starting to stretch out and up!

Happy Friday from the Farm!

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The plants are starting to take off in the field and put on some healthy growth.

Their stems are strengthening and thickening up as they get blown around by the winds from the storms rolling through.

This natural stress training from the environment is just what they need in their early days to allow them to build up strength to carry nice full dense flowers when they switch their cycle in the later part of the season.

Like a human strength training in the gym, the plant stems undergo stress and small breaks or tears in them which regrow with more fiber like a muscle getting thicker and stronger.

We also began tuning up the Eco-Weeder this week in preparation of starting our weed removal a week from Monday.

The weeds are coming in at varying amounts throughout the field but we should be well ahead of them before they can create any issues for the plants.

That’s it from the farm this week.

We hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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