Weeding of the hemp field begins

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Happy Friday from the farm : )

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Hemp plants growing in field July 2022

The plants are continuing to grow nicely in the fields with germination and survival rates maintaining high levels.

We have moved the cultivators, the machines used to remove the weeds, to the field and they are tuned up and ready for action.

These pieces of equipment are crucial for us as we operate on USDA certified organic land and no pesticides, even organic ones, are used by us on any of our crops.

The first cultivator that we use is called a sweep. It removes the weeds in between the rows of plants but not closely around them.

You can see below the section of the field to the left has been weeded with the sweep down the middle of the rows.

In the right hand section of the field we have just weeded around the plants with our Eco-weeder that allows us to get up real close around the individual plants.

Weeding the hemp field with the Univerco Eco-weeder

Starting today, we will work through the field with the sweep removing the weeds in between the rows and follow up starting on Monday to remove the weeds closest to the plants with the eco-weeder.

You can tell from the photo at the top that we are dealing with significantly less weeds this year so we anticipate having a much easier time controlling them and being even more efficient with our time.

This is key to help keep the plants from competing with the weeds for water, nutrients and sunlight and help us deliver you industry leading prices : )

That’s it from the farm this week.

We hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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